Saturday, January 27, 2007

The happiness bug!

It is contagious, you know. Hope you catch it today.

Last night I enjoyed watching TV. Looking and listening to all the wonderful images of people celebrating our National Day, Australia Day 2007! (previous 2 blogs). I found myself thinking about how important it is in our daily life to not only find happiness but to actually live in a state of happiness. This state of happiness is different to joy.

It is perfectly natural for us all to feel a range of emotions relative to what is happening within our life. However, underneath it all there lays a foundation of who we really are. Whilst happiness may be feelings of wellbeing, elation, feeling really good about ourselves and others, or just being content with our lot in life, joy is something deeper. Something alive, within our very soul. Joy can be there with or without happiness. Joy belongs within the spiritual realm of the stuff of our being. In this instance, I refer to the stuff of mood. Happy mood.

When my voice is strained and effortful, my body aching from muscles spasming around my neck, shoulders and back, it is not easy to feel happy. By refusing to accept the stinking thinking that robs me of happiness, I turn to thoughts and feelings that strengthen me, protect me from being glum. I would like to share with you some of the places where we can find that key to turn ourselves around.

Do have a look at the sites below. We don’t often think about looking for definitions of happiness, let alone reading what to do about attaining happiness. Go on, have a go. De-stress, see the funny side & choose good health! Happiness & its causes. Important enough for Aussies to have a conference in Sydney, 14-15 June, 2007. Have a browse through this site and feel uplifted. You can even receive newsletters. Wherever you are – life’s too short not to be happy. This site is all about positive psychology. Choices determine our state of wellbeing. Click on everything that clicks, enjoying your journey wherever it takes you. Depression: bringing ourselves out of it, into light.

Do leave a comment if you would like to. Meanwhile, stay healthy, happy and laugh – it is so good for the soul!

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.


Miguel Trujillo said...

There is another website devoted to happiness called:

It is a daily blog.

Sue Bayliss said...

Thank you Miguel. I will be following up. Hope others do too. Have a great day. Our day is just beginning. We are going out and about to enjoy our lovely sunshine in just a few moments.
Sue B.