Saturday, January 13, 2007

Living with disability and chronic pain? Writing helps!

I know, instead of speaking, I'll write it so here we go!

Ideas come, Ideas go
then, what do you know?
Words just flow.
Starting in mind
heading straight for my toe!

Some words are quite wayward,
others are still a bit slow.
Is that how verse is invented?
Well, bloggers’ opinions I will undergo.
Have I been comprehended?

It really doesn’t matter! Living with the funny voice of spasmodic dysphonia and also with the pain of cervical dystonia, writing something each day is bringing great joy into my life.

Why? Because there are so many wonderful people in my family, and friends old and new, helping me block out experiences of spasms in speech and the twisting of neck and head.

Where ever you are, I hope your day is full of love, happiness and joy.

Sue Bayliss, Cairns, Australia.


Megan Bayliss said...

The whole idea of the blog was so that you could have voice without straining your voice.

I am glad you are enjoying it.

Sue Bayliss said...

Thank you Megan. Lots of enjoyment I have. XX