Thursday, February 1, 2007

The dog smells and the cat's in a cupboard!

What welcome rain we are receiving here in our part of the world. Tonight we experienced a severe tropical thunder storm. Windows rattled and shook in their frames! So much for writing the article I had in mind!

We switched all the power off but did so a little late. Following the big noise and pelting monsoon rain, we put our power back on but alas, no Internet. Fortunately, our telephones are still working. Those wonderful people called Technical Support were able to talk me through getting everything working again. Although Australia has several time zones, where we live it is now 11.55PM so I am off to the land of nod.

Tomorrow, monsoon rains permitting, I will be busy blogging away - if we are not making sandbags to keep the water out!

Sue B.


Megan Bayliss said...

Bet the cat and dog hated the storm last night. I loved it. After running around madly unplugging everything, the two chilren of the house decided they were scared. They had to sleep in our room. I wish our cupboard was big enough - would have been funny to see one curled up in it.

Sue Bayliss said...

Yes, Gwyllum and Neumann both stated their dislike for the big storm last night. Poor Neuman was still trembling this morning - still in the kitchen cupboard! Gwyllum refused to go outside. I tried to get him out several times after the big blow had passed over but he would not budge. He sat firmly with all his 50 or so kilograms pulling back on me when I tried to pull him along the floor - it was not possible for me to move him at all!