Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dystonia: grieving symbolic loss

It is with heartfelt sorrow and love that I say, it is impossible for me to write today about symbolic loss in relation to people with dystonia. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved, especially those who lost their lives in the dreadful events at the Virginia Tech in the United States of America. The great loss and the grief that goes with those losses is of such magnitude.

Our world can be such a beautiful place. It is hard to accept the behaviour of people who are so intent on their own self destruction and also the destruction of others. Tragedy has the potential to blow family structure apart and yet can bring out great collective strength and love from within local, national and global, communities. I can not say ... I can only feel, think and pray.

God bless. Sue .B.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your tender sharing of our sorrow. We join other people of the world in feeling helpless in the face of natural or man-made tragedies which result in the loss of human life. Such feelings are not easy to deal with, especially when one's own children are away in the perceived safety of a college environment. I am comforted by the faces of those lovely young men and women who are shoring each other and displaying great compassion in the face of the turmoil around them.
ps. I'm anonymous because my user and password never go through!

Sue Bayliss said...

Thank you Maria. It is all too awful to explain and so hard to accept.

I think when there are so many dreadful things happening in the world like in the places our US & Aussie troops are, we are all drawn together in a collective sense of grief and the Spirit of faith, love and empowerment. Then, a tragedy like this one strikes through the diabolic behaviour of a tormented soul in a place where people expect to be safe and free to go about the daily things of life.

The horror of this experience and others like it brings out great expression of collective global grief in support of so many people no longer with us and for their families.

The war on terror is right within our midst. I get up early and watch the sun rising above the Coral Sea. I see the glow of dawn then feel the warmth of the sun and think of all those people. Life is so short.