Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Diary of Dialysis Patient Vicki.

Media Release

23 September 2007

The Diary of Dialysis Patient Vicki who has made a decision to purchase a kidney for transplant from overseas has been released today to every Member of State and Federal Parliament in Australia by Kidney Health Australia via a special email bulletin.

Vicki's story has become public today in the Sunday Telegraph in NSW .

Vicki, a forty year old from New South Wales, has been waiting for a kidney transplant for three years and details her weekly physical and personal fight for survival and the trials and tribulations of surviving on dialysis.

Read Vicki's Diary

Patient plans to buy kidney to stay alive.

Anne Wilson, CEO of Kidney Health Australia said, "Vicki had approached Kidney Health Australia to tell her story publicly with the aim of highlighting the daily issues dialysis patients face and the urgent need to increase the number of organ donors."

Ms Wilson said, "the brave actions of Vicki to tell her story will place a community focus on the many difficulties dialysis patients and their families face everyday.

"At the present moment there are just over fourteen hundred people waiting for a kidney transplant with the average waiting time being around four to five years."

We believe the shortage of kidneys for transplantation will in the future see an increase in people purchasing organs from overseas as the number of people moving onto dialysis is increasing at 6.5% a year, Ms Wilson said.

Kidney Facts:
· One in three Australians is at risk of developing kidney disease.
· One in seven Australians has at least one indicator of kidney damage.
· As many as 2.3 million Australians may be affected by early-stage kidney disease and not know it.
· Kidney disease is the seventh biggest killer of Australians, killing more people each year than accidents, suicide and breast cancer.
· Over 40 people die of kidney failure each day.
· 11.3% of all deaths in Australia are due to, or associated with, kidney failure.
· Deaths from kidney failure have doubled in the past 20 years.
· A person can lose up to 90% of their kidney function before experiencing any symptoms.
· Number of cases of kidney failure is increasing at around 6% per annum
· The number of people on lifelong dialysis has increased by 6.5% each year

Media Enquiries:Ron Smith National Communications Manager Kidney Health Australia Mobile: 0417 329 201.
Please, do read Vicki's diary and Vicki's story as printed in today's Sunday Telegraph in New South Wales.

Vicki is such a brave woman. Her story speaks for itself. Kidney disease dealt a devestating blow to my family. Well do we know the anguish associated with renal failure. My husband died as a result of this disease. Links included in the article above will give you more information on the key words highlighted.

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.

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