Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Far North Queensland experiencing extreme weather conditions!

Spectacular light show: The Cairns Post reader Joseph Brimacombe captured one of the extremities of Cairns' recent weather in this amazing photograph. The keen amateur photographer took the shot of the storm last Wednesday.

Cooler weather on way

Bronwyn Cummings

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

is finally in for a cool change with showers expected to provide relief from scorching summer temperatures.

Weather bureau forecaster Alicia Duncanson last night said southeasterly breezes had already started to sweep the city, with showers expected from today.

Ms Duncanson said moderate to heavy rains would fall across the region for at least the next three days.

"It won’t be flooding rain, but it will cool things down and make it not so muggy," Ms Duncanson said.

The rain will come as welcome relief for Far Northerners after suffering temperatures in the mid–30s with humidity up to 80 per cent through all of last week and the weekend.

Yesterday in Cairns the mercury rose to 34.9C with 60 per cent humidity.

A "sensible heat calculator" indicated the temperature on the ground would have felt closer to 40C.

"It's been hotter than last year but we haven't set any records," Ms Duncanson said.

"1994 and 1996 were hotter years ... but obviously the more humid it is the hotter it feels."

Mareeba's hottest days of the month were Saturday and Sunday when the temperature reached 34C with humidity up to 77 per cent.

At 3pm yesterday, Innisfail was 31.5C with 66 per cent humidity, while Cooktown was 31.2C at 3pm with 68 per cent humidity.

"The hottest temperature in the region was in Cardwell on Sunday of 37.5 degrees," Ms Duncanson said.

Cairns had above average temperatures on 15 of the first 21 days of January.

The city's average maximum temperature for January is 31.4C and our hottest day this month was Friday with 35.7C.

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