Friday, February 8, 2008

Dystonia: post treatment thoughts.

Refreshing dew falls through the sultry night as blossom buds send out their heavy scent. Nocturnal creatures fluttering through the air make a softly whooshing noise. Owls calling to their kind, flying fox screeching as they compete for tropical fruits upon the trees.

Clouds flowing through the sky look eerie in moonlight. Thoughts of loved ones here sleeping safely in their beds and those living far away who may be thinking of us now.

The comfort of loving arms surrounding me are tenderly felt. A presence sensed yet visible only in mind's eye. Husband, parents, brothers. Those from generations before my own. Stepping through the door of life they are now journeying on, united in their faith.

What hardships, joys, sorrows and hopes they must have encounted throughout their life upon this earth. Entwined like golden threads through time, they are gently nurturing my soul.

My body aches with pain. Neck twisting, pulling, waiting for relief to start. Voice softly responding to toxin given before the long trip home.

Yes, peace is within my heart. That place where thoughts and feelings hide. The pain will stop and morning come to brighten a brand new day. With hope comes promise of better times. Let us move forward through life's journey. Together, we will find a cure for dystonia.

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.

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