Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving and overseas travel

Sue and Darren are on the move. Priority housing has been granted to Sue because of the disabling effects of the multiple forms of dystonia she has. Struggling to keep a full house and garden going, Sue is moving to disability friendly and smaller accommodation with a yard kept by somebody else.

For those who have moved house before, you will appreciate the stress and time it takes to pack, clean and vacate- especially with a weeks notice! Lucky Mum (this is Megan from Imaginif writing this)! Because of Easter public holidays this week, Mum needs to be out of her house by Maundy Thursday.

While this may be no mean feat for an able bodied veteran of the suburban move, for a person with a disability it becomes a little more difficult, particularly given Mum's impending trip to the U.S.A to attend a Dystonia conference. Add to that an incredibly busy work schedule this week for Paul and I and we are all a bit behind the eight ball. But, a move is warranted and a move will occur.

So....Sue won't be around much this week, or for the following two weeks after that while she cripples her away half way around the world. Neither the blog or Australia have been permanently abandoned. If there's anything to report from the U.S, Mum will no doubt let me know and I'll post it here to keep you all informed.

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