Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Photos of Sue (posted by Megan)

Once again, in Mum's absence (and because I have access to the photo's), I thought I would post some photos of Mum taken on Christmas Day, 2006. Given that some of Mum's extended family in Sydney and England log into the site, the photos make for a nice update.

Although her disability is severe, she manages well with the help of her flowery walking stick (never far from her side), my bother Darren and her food and drink thickener.

I hope you enjoy them. Megan Bayliss

P.S: We call Mum, "Grandma" whenever the kids are around. That's why I've titled the photos as Grandma.

Grandma Bayliss with Boy and son-in-law.

Grandma about to open one of her gifts from the family in England . She was mouthing, "From England," because her voice was weak on Christmas Day.

Grandma and her presents from her cousins in England. It was difficult for Grandma to hold everything in place while I took the photo.
Grandma don't you dare waste those prawns by choking on them!!!!

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