Monday, February 5, 2007

Sue Away Until Saturday

Sue has asked me to let you all know that she is held up in Brisbane (pictured). She flew down on Sunday for her regular Botox injections into her throat. The intention was to return on Tuesday morning.

Alas, she has had to go to a different part of the hospital for treatment and her stay has had to be extended. She will not be back in Cairns until Friday evening.

To add to her distress, all the hotels in Brisbane were booked out and she is having to stay somewhere different each night.

Megan (Sue's daughter)


yvonne said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry to hear you have been delayed and hope all is well with you.
I received my copy of twisted yesterday and watched it last night.
Was left with thoughts about how lucky I feel in comparison to others with this disease.
And also how totally confusing this disease really is and what a long way they have to go with research.
There are still so many questions as yet unanswered and Im hoping the mystery will unfold in my lifetime.

Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Yvonne,
Megan here. Have just heard from Mum. She's got a flight home late tonight. Has had the injections into her vocal chords and is having more injections today. No doubt you'll hear from her Thursday sometime.

Sue Bayliss said...

Hello Yvonne. Lovely to see your message. I also have received some emails that I will get to this afternoon. Receiving messages like this makes the whole treatment thing not so bad. I feel very supported by so many lovely people, including my family.

Needed to stay over following vocal cord treatment for injections into neck and shoulder muscles, on both sides and back. Had a good chat to neurologist re the concern about antigens etc. Our concern is indeed real however, we need to decide whether or not the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages. If treatment offers significant relief, my decision is to continue with treatment for both SD and CD as the disadvantages may never occur. Evidently, the risk is minimal and can occur with the vocal cord treatment too.

At present time, here in Cairns and other Far Northern towns, we are at risk of running out of food on the supermarket shelves and in butchers, fruit and vegetables, dairy etc. Sounds dramatic but there is a convoy on the way! There are 29 lorries, 20 for Coles and 9 for Woolworths, all carrying essential food supplies. They are dropping supplies to the Atherton Tablelands stores on the way along the inland route from Townsville. That old road gets pretty narrow in places. I am thinking of the poor drivers and how stressed they must feel.

We have got plenty of pasta and those kinds of foods so we are okay. All being well, the food will be in the stores by Saturday, 10th February.

Will get back to writing later today, perhaps. Then again, perhaps not either. That age old word that mothers of all languages use - soon!