Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dystonia Australia Operations Suspended

It is with heartfelt sorrow that I post the following message from the Directors of Dystonia Australia.

"It is with great regret we advise that Dystonia Australia has ceased operating for the time being and is unable to provide its services to those seeking its assistance.

Dystonia Australia has played an important role in the education and support of people with dystonia and we remain grateful to those who have contributed in various ways since its inception in January 2004. The focus of this organisation has always been on people. Dystonia Australia has given people with dystonia a sense of belonging, an outlet for anxieties and a feeling of comradeship while at the same time helping to educate the wider community about the movement disorder. Research was also undertaken through the application of a special purpose grant donated to the organisation.

Dystonia Australia has been funded for the duration of its 3½ years of operation only through charitable donations and receives no governmental or other form of financial support. Regrettably, there is currently insufficient on-going funding and material support to keep it going but we trust that, in providing knowledge and hope for the dystonia community, we have instilled a positive and lasting presence that will continue on through the many support groups and connections that have been made.

We particularly thank our National Coordinator, Nicola Dawson for her superb organisational skills in establishing Dystonia Australia through workshops, a website, educational material and an excellent newsletter. Her energy, commitment and thoughtfulness have been inspirational.

There are others who generously and sacrificially gave their time, money and skills to help Dystonia Australia become a trusted charity, and we are also indebted to them.

Dystonia Australia will continue to operate its web site and the directors are examining ways to restructure the organisation. We hope that, with wider support and commitment from those in the dystonia community, their friends, families and associates, it will soon gain a more secure footing to enable it to once again actively pursue its aims.

The Directors of Dystonia Australia
October 16th, 2007"

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