Friday, November 30, 2007

Ice blocks for Aussies today in Cairns.

Flag bearers: Eyman, 4, and his brother Shamseldin Bahar, 6, after becoming citizens yesterday.

The Cairns Post today (30th November 2007) tells the lovely story of five Sudanese families who are proudly calling Australia home.

"RUNNING around with an ice block and an Australian flag marked the day these children became Aussie citizens.

But for their parents and friends, the citizenship ceremony at Cairns City Council yesterday was a much more emotional experience.

The children were among five Sudanese families to became Australian citizens and part of a group of 58 adults and 14 children who took the pledge.

Among them was Farasak Emmanuel, 31, who arrived in Australia three years ago after his flight from Sudan to South Africa, which included a three-week walk to Uganda.

He thanked his Australian "family" for accepting him into the community.

"I encountered a lot of things in my life that I didn’t expect to happen," he said.

"The first night after I got here I was running along the Esplanade and everyone was smiling so I knew it was a beautiful place."

He said people should not judge the Sudanese people by reports that a few "bad elements" were not fitting into the Australian way of life.

Mr Emmanuel said he hoped to get a passport so he could visit his parents who he had not seen since he fled Sudan a decade ago." (The Cairns Post 30/11/'07).

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Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.

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