Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas triple treat: three little Angels.

Babies first Christmas a triple treat festivity

Margo Zlotkowski The Cairns Weekend Post December 22- 23, 2007.

Bundle of joys: Jenny Honeyball will mark Jessica, Jake and Ben's first Christmas with a big celebration with family at their Redlynch home.

TRIPLETS Jessica, Jake and Ben Honeyball's first Christmas is a miracle their new family gives thanks for every day.

The tiny trio were born six weeks early on October 10, each weighing just half an average baby’s weight, giving parents Jenny and John an anxious few weeks by their babies sides at Cairns Base Hospital.

"We were worried that their lung development would be an issue but we’ve had no problems at all," said their ecstatic but definitely sleep-deprived mum.

"Carrying one baby is scary enough, let alone hoping your body is going to be able to supply all the nutrients and nurture three healthy babies, but we’ve been very lucky."

The Honeyballs, who already had an active three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Lily, said they had planned to have just one more child to complete the family, so to learn there were three on the way was a big shock.

"You could say we were overwhelmed, excited, but overwhelmed," Mrs Honeyball said.

"It seemed too unreal to think all three would make it, so I really didn’t quite believe it until I heard all three cries (in the delivery room)."

There have been quite a few changes for the Redlynch family, including trading in the family sedan and upgrading to a seven-seater.

There are also a lot more nappies, about 100 a week, to contend with and not a lot of sleep, with each triplet needing to feed every three hours.

"All I want for Christmas is some sleep," Mrs Honeyball said.

"That’s my greatest wish from Santa."

The Honeyball’s first Christmas together will be spent at their Daphne Drive home, where relatives from southern Queensland and northern New South Wales will join them to help toast the new arrivals.

With the triplets not yet aware of what Christmas is all about, Mrs Honeyball said their biggest enjoyment would probably come from tearing up Christmas wrapping paper.

That, and being smothered with love and kisses from a very proud big sister.

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