Monday, December 3, 2007

Do domestic pets pull at your heart strings?

Scientifically speaking, opinions vary about the heart health status of pet owners. However, there is plenty of evidence confirming emotional and general health benefits for those who adore their pets. The little kitten in this photograph belongs to someone in my family who rescued him from abandonment. Unable to locate owners, my family took this kitten to the vet for all those things that kittens need. He now has a loving home where the "I adore you" factor is definitely reciprocal! Do you have a story to share about your companion pet?

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.

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Nicole said...

That kitten is beautiful. I'm a big and small cat lover and have 2 very spoilt cats of my own. My girl I've had for 13 years and my boy found us 6 years ago. He was sneaking in through my cat door, eating my girls left overs and then snuggling up on the lounge to get out of the cold. After much time spent befriending him I took him to the vets to find out he has feline aids. I desexed him and now he's the biggest smoocher out. He loves me so much as I love him. If I'm at my desk he's in his basket under my desk. If I'm on the lounge, he's on my lap and if I'm having a lie in on the weekend, he'll lie in with me. My girl rules the roost. Blessings, Nicole