Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Eirinn Go Brach" is his heartfelt cry ...

Gaelic for Ireland forever, Raymond James remains acutely aware of his cultural heritage and the land of his ancestors. Leaving his Mam and Pa, Raymond departed the familiarity of his homeland, the Isle of Erin, arriving in Australia as a young man searching for opportunity and a depth of meaning in his life. Although feeling deeply about seeing memories of Ireland in his mind's eye, with nothing more than a song book in his hip pocket, a few meager possessions and a mind full of tunes, Raymond began a new life.

Whilst writing songs and strumming his guitar, Raymond worked in Melbourne doing whatever jobs he was able to obtain. After many experiences that were just about enough to turn a leprechaun orange t'be sure now, he met his beautiful Irish Colleen. Marriage changed Raymond's direction in life.

Leaving the Southern city and venturing to Far North Queensland, Raymond resettled in Cairns with his soul mate and their much loved daughter. Over the years, Raymond James has earned the respect of local folk who have adopted him as one of their own. His tunes and lyrics are popular as well as being sought after at the various folk festival venues around the North.

It is always a pleasure to hear Raymond's gentle Irish brogue come over the airways when local radio stations interview him. You are able to access Raymond's site and hear some of his recordings. Do drop him a line and say g'day.

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia. (cast your arrow over photographs in 'Australia' link)

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