Friday, December 7, 2007

WIN an Apple iPod by playing the Great Online Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

The Great Online Christmas Scavenger Hunt

WIN an APPLE iPOD (a portable device for storing and playing music files) this Christmas by Joining in Outfit Inspiration’s Great Online Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

This is a free competition, open to all ages...yes even to us Dystonics who often can't make ourselves heard or understood in busy music and technology stores.

To enter this competition, visit Outfit Inspirations and begin your hunt for hidden letters, scattered across several other blog sites (including this one...there is a letter beneath a Christmas tree here on this site).

To play, and hopefully win, you need:
  • The entry form (available by clicking here)
  • An email address
  • A computer
  • A riddle-smashing brain
Collect all the hidden Christmas Letters (9) using the nine clues on the Entry Form. The hidden letters can be found at the end of a set of Christmas Baubles, on a flashing promotional banner. When you have found all the letters, unscramble them to identify the Magic Christmas Word.

The Christmas Letters are scattered across the web, on different blog sites. When you find the answer to each clue, the clickable banner will take you to the next site in the hunt (the clue on your entry form will give you some ideas around where to look on each site - my hint to you is to use the category secton to narrow your search - my categories can be found on the right hand side of my blog). Every letter is hidden, so you might need to use the clues and sift through a few pages on the site to find them!

It really is easy, all you have to do is print out the entry form with all the clues on it and start clicking you way around blog sites.

I wish you good luck and good cheer.

1 comment:

Megan Bayliss said...

I wish I could enter. These ipods are expensive little babies and I wouldn't mind one to plug my ears so that I can't hear Paul say, "Can you do the dishes for me today please.".

But like you, I have a letter hidden on one of my pages (hint to players - check my celebration category).

Ans how horrible that Blogger has changed the comment identity form. I can no longer login as Imaginif and link to my blog site - it automatically defaults to my blogger account which I haven't used for 10 months. That's a pain!!!!