Monday, February 25, 2008

Fence sitting and the phone still doesn't ring

Yesterday in Telephone Line Spasms I gave you a blogospheric ring on the inability of Mum's telephone and internet communication.

Tech dude did flex his communication muscle but only to discover his voice line was chopped in several places (hope he now knows what it may be like to have spasmodic dysphonia)! It seems that the neighbours had a new fence put in and that Mr Fence contractor inadvertently cut the telephone line!!!!!

Sitting on the fence, an unsatisfactory and possible time frame for fixing has been offered. With a trip to the States about to eventuate and a neurological movement disorder symposium in Cairns to finalise, communication is of the utmost importance.

With an air of compassion and flavour of duty, I kindly offer my own email address. Should you need to contact Mum, please email me and I'll print it out to give to her (we live very close to each other so it is no drama). Contact me here.

Photo from stock.xchng - Broken (photo by CraigPJ). Wouldn't it be terrible if Mr Fence contractor
sat on that fence!

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