Friday, March 7, 2008

Our family's intergenerational celebration of International Women's Day in Cairns.

Today is International Women's Day. I am celebrating with other women including my daughter Megan at a relaxed afternoon tea hostessed by the talk doctors of Imaginif.

Unfortunately for us, my grand daughter Jade (with my first great-grandchild well on the way) is unable to celebrate with us in person today. Jade left with her husband for a holiday in Thailand yesterday. However, before Jade left, Megan managed to get three separate photos so we could showcase three generations of women who believe strongly in the rights, stories and experiences of women:

My grand daughter Jade looking very proud about our special baby bump. Jade is 25 - I think.

My daughter Megan (from Imaginif) is around about 44 or maybe 45 this year. Megan is our beautiful Jade's wonderful mother

Myself in our lush, tropical garden - it is all the rain making it so green, not my tender loving care! I am around 60 + something.

Pop over to Megan's post about how we celebrated International Women's Day here in Cairns, Australia.

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