Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Belated news: Celebrating 2008’s World Voice Day in Cairns, Australia.

Allergan Australia and Australia’s branch of Ipsen Pty Ltd generously supported our Atherton Tableland and Cairns Dystonia Support Group in hosting 2008’s World Voice Day Celebration at the Colonial Club in Cairns.

In planning stages for that event we thought how great it would be to get about 30 locals from our professional community to come along. When we passed 30 RSVP’s we were so excited, realizing we could comfortably reach the 50 mark. Reaching 116 RSVP’s resulted in our decision to cut off at that point or we would not have enough funds to feed them all!

Networking was a major opportunity not missed by anyone present. Trade displays offered good insight into what is available and by whom. Photographic displays bore a pride of place for our support group and was of keen interest to all attending. During pre-dinner meet and greet drinks and nibbles we were serenaded by Raymond James Molloy, a local musician with a delightful Irish brogue.

Impressive presentations by Dr John O’Sullivan and Dr Steven Dommann focusing on neurological movement disorders and specifically on dystonia, gave many of our local family doctors and other health professionals first-rate information. Supporting presenters gave good overviews of the following areas:

  • The role of Clinical Nurse Consultant, Neurological Movement Disorders,

Evaluation sheets completed by guests gave positive feed back and great encouragement to host another event at a future time. This outcome has given us renewed enthusiasm!

Amazing things happen when we take a step in faith. It is that very first step that makes such a difference!

World Voice Day 2009 will be celebrated in Cairns with our Support Group offering two screenings of the film Twisted. The first screening is on World Voice Day, Thursday 16th April 2009, and is suitable for local medical, nursing and allied health professionals. The second screening on Friday 17th April is for patients, family members and other interested community folk. If you would like more information, watch this spot!

Sue Bayliss. Cairns, Australia.

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